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Party Foam Cannons - A1

Professional Foam Cannon For Sale
A1 - The Safest Party Foam Cannon

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Party Foam Cannon - A1: Product Description

For more than a decade we build the most powerful and reliable Foam Cannons.

Our most popular model A1 is the star in many foam party's in the hot summer of our country.

Most of the main parts are made in Europe or USA and the construction and control is made in house.

The use of the Best quality parts, like the FAN and Pump, together with improved engineering makes our Foam Cannon to be one of a kind.

Beside its strength and power it considers being the Safest Foam Cannon in the world.
The FAN is IP65 rated and the whole cannon is protected in main supply by a residential circuit protector, to avoid the electrocution even in serious electrical failure.
The cannon is specially built to work in wet environment.

Our new models since 2015 have improved mainly in the control and pumping capabilities.
So is the carrying cart and wheels for extreme roads /grass dirt or whatever is going on the back yard or beach.
The cart carries the cannon and makes it possible to aim and shut in a wide angle, equipped with 2 side stoppers and 4 heavy duty wheels.
A wide base lets us move with the liquid tanks easily.

Special Heavy Duty Solenoid Pump can run almost without a break.
It even knows how to deal with air being locked in the system.
Together with the foam liquid injection parts we create very economical foam consumption.

The water inlet is a fast plugging connector used in any common garden hose.

The operation switch consists of simple 3 step switch, for no mistakes operation.

On 2 spots you can see warning and instructions stickers. Make it easy to operate even for first timers.

Our Advantage over others

Our cannon use water inlet, that way he is stronger by using the water pressure to create a large output of foam shutting far as 12 meters, and without the need to mix the Fluid, just open the can and pump it.


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For demonstration please see the following pictures:

Proffesional Foam Cannon - A1

Party Foam Cannon

Proffesional Foam Cannon for sell

Foam Cannons for sell

Proffesional Foam Cannon - A1

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